Keynote Speaker - Martha Brown

Dr. Martha Brown is a Restorative Justice & Trauma-Informed Practices Specialist who brings trauma informed restorative justice values, theories, and practices into her work as an evaluation consultant. Trained in traditional quantitative and qualitative methodologies, she was inspired to become a program evaluator so she could use her research skills in more creative and flexible ways. Dr. Brown has published her book, Creating Restorative Schools: Setting Schools Up for Success, as well as multiple articles and book chapters on restorative justice and Circles. She is a teacher at heart and enjoys any opportunity to facilitate professional development workshops on social and emotional learning, trauma- informed restorative practices, and uniquely, the use of Circles in evaluation contexts. Dr. Brown is a dynamic and fun presenter who is sensitive to power and privilege and who can create safe spaces for honest and heartfelt dialogue. She believes that practitioner’s voices are often missing from academic literature, so she continues to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals, but also writes blogs that connect her personal healing, experiences, and growth to her work as a trauma-informed restorative evaluator. Dr. Brown is also a professional musician who has been performing for more than 30 years and is currently an accompanist at St. Paul Ballet.

Her keynote workshop is designed to increase evaluators’ awareness of trauma and the need for trauma-sensitive evaluation practices. It will help evaluators understand the causes of trauma; recognize symptoms of individual, intergenerational, collective, secondary, climate, and racial trauma; and ultimately minimize stressors and avoid re-traumatization. Participants will learn how to utilize trauma-sensitive evaluation approaches and incorporate the principles of trauma-informed care into their practice.

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