Conference Sessions & Presenters

Building Clients’ Capacity to Evaluate Their Program(s) Margaret Smith


Conceptual Mapping to Develop Metrics: A Practical Approach Asma Ali


Evaluating Social Impact: Towards a Theory of Clients' Subjective Experiences Lehn Benjamin


Evaluation in Nonprofits: Best Practices and Lessons Learned Jason Chadwell & Doug Berry

If You Build It, Will They Come? Best Practices for Engaging Stakeholders. Ellen Burton

Making a Difference Through Philanthropy: The Messy Business of Evaluating and Communicating Impact Lisa Osterman, Rosemary Dorsa, Maria Fruth, & Ed Kominowski


Melding Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches for Effective Evaluation Roger Sell


Moving Towards Independence: Evaluating Pathways Out of Poverty Mindy Hightower King & Dawn Martz

Multi-style interventions, one instrument: Let’s get meta! Amber Rollings & Kelly Brown


Qualtrics Survey Data and Tableau - Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Timothy Dines