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What is IEA?

IEA is Indiana’s affiliate of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). Founded in 2002, IEA is an organization for evaluators and those interested in evaluation to exchange ideas and share information. IEA hosts quarterly program meetings and a biennial conference that features relevant speakers and skill-building sessions. IEA is a registered 501(c)6 organization.


The purpose of the Indiana Evaluation Association is to provide the opportunity for evaluators and persons interested in evaluation to network, share resources, enhance knowledge and skills through professional development, and increase the visibility of evaluation among potential users.


The Indiana Evaluation Association was organized in 2002 by founding members Deborah Bonnet, Mary G. Williams, and Susan Wisely, to provide opportunities to meet and network for those interested in evaluation in Indiana. Since its organization, IEA has grown to include evaluators statewide and has continued to meet quarterly to network, share ideas, and learn from keynote speakers. In October 2012, IEA transitioned to a fee-based membership organization, focusing on those who are committed to advancing the field of evaluation.


The IEA Board of Directors is guided by a set of bylaws approved in 2012. Changes to the bylaws requires the IEA Board of Directors to notify its membership 30 days prior to a vote. Board members can serve up to two consecutive two-year terms.

President – Jennifer Bellville

Vice President, Program Committee Chair Tessa Skidmore

Secretary, Membership Committee Chair – Kate Bathon Shufeldt

Treasurer – Elaine Klemesrud

Director at Large, Communications Committee Chair –  Roxy Lawrence

Director at Large, Policy Committee Chair – Jacqueline Singh

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