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IEA Scholarship Fund

Each year, membership dues paid by IEA's Board of Directors are set aside to provide membership and event scholarships for students, AmeriCorps members, and/or individuals with financial hardships. All individuals living in Indiana are eligible; you do not need to be a current member of IEA. To apply, please complete this short form. 

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, please email us at

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Your investment in IEA as a sponsor or supporter gives you exposure to our members and advances the field of evaluation in Indiana. Support can include in-kind and monetary contributions. Learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Organizational Memberships

How do I create an Organizational Membership?

One individual from your organization will sign up for your preferred Organizational Membership level (1) Academic Mentor and Students, (2) Organizational Membership (up to 5 members), or (3) Organizational Membership (up to 20 members). The individual who signs up for the membership will then be the Bundle Administrator.

Note: In the Academic Mentor and Students bundle, we request that the Academic Mentor (faculty or staff member) be the Bundle Administrator.

What is a Bundle Administrator? 

The Bundle Administrator is one of the IEA members within the Organizational bundle. This member counts towards the total number of members in the bundle. The Bundle Administrator is the individual within the bundle who has authorization to pay the membership invoice, add new members to the bundle, remove members from a bundle, and renew the Organizational Membership. The Bundle Administrator will also be the contact for renewal notices and other Organizational account notices.

A guide for the Bundle Administrator can be found here.

Can IEA invoice my organization?

Yes. When first setting up your Organizational Membership, after selecting the bundle and entering in your contact information, select "Pay Online" to generate an invoice. At this point, the Bundle Administrator will be redirected to an online payment page. The Bundle Administrator can then choose to make the online payment through the secure payment page, or check their email for a membership invoice (automatically generated within 15 minutes of selecting "Pay Online") and forward the invoice to another individual within their organization for payment (e.g., organizational purchasing officer). The automated email invoice will include the invoice number, payment total, and a link to "View Invoice Online."

Invoices for membership renewal will automatically be sent out to the Bundle Administrator via email 14 days before the membership payment is due. If you have any challenges setting up your Organizational Membership or would like assistance at any point in your membership process, please contact

How are changes made to Organizational Memberships?

To make changes to the bundle, the Bundle Administrator should log into their IEA account and click View Profile. On this page, you can add a new bundle member by clicking "Add Member" and entering their contact information. To remove a member from the Organizational Membership, click on their name and click the "Archive" button. You can also reach out to the for assistance in changing your Organizational Membership.

What if the Bundle Administrator leaves the organization?

Only the IEA website administrator can change the Bundle Administrator information for an Organizational Membership. Contact to request the change.

How will the members know they are part of an Organizational Membership?

When a new member is added to an Organizational Membership, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided. A confirmation email is also sent to the Bundle Administrator. 

What if I want to include a current IEA Member in my Organizational Membership?

Current IEA Members can be included in Organizational Memberships, but only with support from the IEA website administrator. Please contact to share which current IEA Members you would like added to your Organizational Membership.

Upon being added to the bundle, the individual IEA Member will receive a refund on the form of payment used for the membership at a prorated rate. 

  • If the individual IEA membership is 0-3 months old, the Member will receive a 75% refund.

  • If the individual IEA membership is 4-6 months old, the Member will receive a 50% refund.

  • If the individual IEA membership is 7-9 months old, the Member will receive a 25% refund.

  • If the individual IEA membership is 10-12 months old, the Member will receive a 0% refund.

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